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GEA Service 


Our Service organisation has developed substantially in the last few years, with many new locations added to our list. Every new office has fully integrated ERP network system, to ensure consistency throughout the organisation. This also allows us to operate on a truly national or international basis, but still retaining the comfort and quality of local support.
Our success has been mainly attributable to our ability to create total service solutions based on partnership arrangements with our clients; which have been replicated on a national level.
With support from our sister GEA Service companies, we can offer a complete pan European or International service support.
From 2014, all of our technicians will operate a 'smart' electronic reporting system. This will be fully integrated with our ERP system to ensure clear, consistent information and records.
The system is designed to enhance our reporting, document handling and audit trails to the very highest standards our clients expect.
All GEA Service Managers are certified to IOSH standard.



With more than ninety highly trained technicians at our disposal in the U.K. and Ireland, enables us to satisfy our local and national client’s daily needs.

As we are a part of a global engineering group of companies, our knowledge base resource is immense, which has on many occasions helped our clients in their hour of need.

We service and maintain a wide range of refrigeration, air conditioning, heat-pump systems and freezers, ranging from very large Ammonia/CO2 to the smaller HFC range of applications and the complete range of freezers.

With the ever changing legislation and energy concerns associated with our industry, you can be assured all our clients receive continual support for their compliance and energy reduction planning.



We have strategically located our regional offices to ensure full service coverage for all our clients. All our offices operate on a 24 hour 365 day basis, which ensures we can execute all our responsibilities both professionally and efficiently in all situations.



Sittingbourne Glasgow Leeds  Killibegs
Warrington  Nottingham Spalding
Bristol Haverhill Cavan


Service and Maintenance

We can cover all of your service requirements and arrange a variety of service level agreements bespoke to your needs.

Our maintenance contracts are all designed and tailored to ensure efficient reliable running and ensure minimal down-time of the equipment. These have been developed and implemented in partnership with our clients. We can offer various levels of maintenance contracts to suit every need. This can range from fully comprehensive contracts to inspections visits.


Valued Added Services


Alongside our maintenance programs, we can offer many valued added services.


Vibration Analysis

Thermal Imaging

Calibration Services

Energy Audits and Plans

Air Conditioning Inspections

Control System Replacement

Refrigerant Drier Rental



We can offer a full range of spares and consumables; all at very competitive prices, including a minimum of twelve months warranty.


GEA Spares and Lubricants

Third Party Spares, Refrigerants and lubricants


GEA Security

We are a part of the GEA engineering group of companies, which ensures a large pool of expertise and engineering resource at our disposal; along with the financial security our clients require.