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Products, components and equipment for industrial refrigeration 

Products and components: Made by people for people

Development – a word that has countless important meanings for us. It stands for our innovative spirit that continuously brings out new products. And it means progress in our own company, progress that is founded on growth in knowledge and the accumulation of experience. And it stands for the effort toward something better.






Compact Piston Compressors

Piston Compressors

Screw Compressors

Tens of thousands of reliable GEA Bock compressors are in operation all over the world in all kind of applications.

The GEA Grasso's reciprocating compressor range includes 
18 models of compressors subdivided into
2 series.

One of the most extensive and comprehensive range of screw compressors providing uniform steps of capacity.


Packaged Screw Compressor Systems

Packaged Piston Compressor Systems


The engineered packaged systems of GEA Refrigeration Technologies are custom designed to meet the processing requirements and refrigeration needs of heavy-duty specification applications. 

Packaged piston compressor systems designed for cooling and freezing applications in medium and larger sized industrial applications find their way all over the world where efficiency, reliability and ease of maintenance is the standard.

GEA Grasso has produced a new generation of liquid chillers e.g. the BluAstrum to meet user needs particularly in the industrial market.




Heat Pumps

Ice Machines


The name GEA Refrigeration Technologies of course indicates company affinity to the production of cooling systems. Our engineers, however, are also specialists with heat pumps.

GEA Geneglace produces highly efficient flake ice machines, available as small table-top units to large scale machines with very high capacities.



GEA Refrigeration Technologies supplies its customers with a growing line of unique, versatile, and reliable freezing equipment to meet the requirements of the food processing industries.






Electronic Control

GEA Refrigeration Technologies offers a complete programme of valves, used for the control of refrigeration, freezing, air conditioning, heat pump and other industrial applications.

The GEA Grasso ammonia Dryer is a useful supplement for every ammonia refrigeration plant. It eliminates infiltrated water from the refrigerant circuit, even while the plant is
in operation.

Electronic control provides on-line information on all relevant conditions, e.g. pressures, temperatures, hours of operation, % of capacity, safety control, alarm history file.








The GEA Grasso self-limiting Automatic Air Purger removes non-condensable gases from the refrigeration system and as a result significantly improves the efficiency.