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Profile GEA Refrigeration Technologies 

 In touch with our customers: Your partner for low temperatures

GEA Refrigeration Technologies, part of the internationally active GEA Group, is a synonym for industrial refrigeration technology. Since the end of the 19th century, it has been our business to cool processes and products, and to control the temperature of goods in transport. You will find our solutions in the food and beverage sector; in the petrochemical, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries; on fishing ships; in natural gas liquefaction; in infrastructure facilities; and in ice factories. We are also at the top with know-how when it comes to refrigeration at leisure facilities.  After all, we have been excited about refrigeration for decades now. As a result, our staff enthusiastically goes about its development and production projects – to include preventive and remedial maintenance of your refrigeration systems.


This enthusiasm is highly apparent in the daily work of all companies in our Segment. Whether it’s complete systems or individual valves: we have the experience in every section of our company to optimally design, manufacture, and install refrigeration systems.


And to take full advantage of this experience, we not only carry out development in our own company: we also manufacture, assemble, and test the core components. A chain is, after all, only as strong as its weakest link: and this also applies equally well to refrigeration technology, cooling processes, and cooling chains. 


This makes it all the more important that you have a partner – in GEA Refrigeration Technologies – that has learned to master refrigeration from A to Z. And all of this since 1896, when Willem Grasso founded his refrigeration division. From this history of GEA Refrigeration Technologies, you will profit in the form of technical expertise and top sector know-how.