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In touch with engineering and development: Our expertise for your success

For our company to continue to generate affordable and economical solutions, development and marketing staff always keep their ear to the market. In our intra-company development centers, they find out what your innovation requirements are. And they implement the necessary solutions. The new organization within GEA Refrigeration Technologies plays a key role here. Now as before, each GEA company enjoys its own autonomy through its own special application areas. But our developers work in a network that simplifies know-how exchange and makes knowledge transparent for each project partner in the Segment – also on an intra-company basis. This means that we don’t try to invent the wheel all over again – which accelerates development cycles and reduces costs.

GEA Grasso V series compressor


The results for you: reliable, high-performance technology at affordable prices. And with low subsequent costs. The concept of life-cycle costs, indeed, is always in play when new ideas are discussed in our company. One good example is the V Range of our compressors. In comparison to their predecessors, these machines use about 6 % less energy, consume only around half as much oil, and require less maintenance. This means appreciable reduction in life-cycle costs. But this does not neglect reliability; on the contrary -  Internet-based monitoring for the V Range enables obtaining information anywhere and at any time on machine status and maintenance needs, and optimally matching the maintenance cycles to the modes of operation.

The engineering of products at GEA – for example, with the V Range of our compressors – is in touch with the future and with our environment. How? Because of low life-cycle costs, modest energy consumption, and only slight maintenance efforts.