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GEA Refrigeration Technologies 

Innovation is not merely a word. Innovation is a philosophy that is put into practice in each of our companies – above all, naturally, in our research and development departments. But you will also readily recognize in our production and systems business that many clever heads can be found behind the product systems of GEA Refrigeration Technologies.

In touch with future and environment

Mission & Strategy GEA Refrigeration Technologies     Since stagnation means moving backwards, we have chosen innovation as the driving force behind our business. We hardly introduce one new development to the market, and our engineers are already thinking intensively about the next one – always searching for better, environmentally friendlier, and more economical possibilities of industrial refrigeration technology. Their goal is to reduce the CO2 footprint that mankind leaves behind. In this effort, personal commitment and corporate objectives merge – since, after all, climate protection affects all of us.

In addition to the business success for which any company in the world is responsible, protection of the climate and the environment are therefore our top goals. And this means primary, and not secondary priority. After all, our success, and the success of our company as well, is based on ever-more climate-friendly solutions.

This includes moving away from synthetic refrigerants. It is true that these refrigerants are considerably more environmentally friendly than was the case decades ago – but this is not good enough for us. As a result, you will find countless machines in our portfolio that are based on the natural refrigerants ammonia and CO2. These refrigerants – preferred at any rate in the food and beverage industry – are dominating in increasingly more sectors, since they offer maximum climate protection without stressing budgets – and with enhanced performance.