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About GEA Refrigeration Technologies 

In touch with products and components: Made by people for people

Development – a word that has countless important meanings for us. It stands for our innovative spirit that continuously brings out new products. And it means progress in our own company, progress that is founded on growth in knowledge and the accumulation of experience. And it stands for the effort toward something better.


About GEA Refrigeration Technologies


Seeking out large and small optimization potentials, again and again critically examining what we have done to find improvement possibilities, and turning our best ideas into deeds – or, more truthfully expressed, into products: that is the daily business of our development departments. But innovation doesn’t stop at the drawing board. In production as well, we place top priority on the adaptation of advanced methods, so that our manufacturing processes can react more flexibly and faster, and with higher quality, to your wishes and requirements.


The fact that we strive not only for high performance, but also top quality, becomes highly apparent with the reliability of our products. Countless systems in highly diverse sectors provide proof of this: with reliable cooling of processes and processed goods.


This is all made possible by a high degree of motivation and highly efficient quality management. At each of our plant locations, this means that two main factors have become absolutely accepted and routinely practiced: ongoing training of our staff, and certification as per EN ISO 9001. Perhaps even much more essential, however, is the responsibility that our staff assumes. As a result, continuous improvement processes take place in our production plants not only on the drafting board, but also directly at the workplace. Quality is put into practice. And products are not simply products alone: they are benefits presented in technical form, made by people for people.