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Training & development 

We attach very much importance to the development of our employees. Not only in your job, but also as a person. If you are ambitious and you want to grow, we offer you different opportunities.

At GEA Refrigeration Technologies you are the architect of your own development. We offer numerous trainings and education programs in which your development is the main objective. During these training we use a network of highly qualified internal and external institutes and training bureaus.
A good example here is the GEA Academy. The GEA Academy offers state of the art programs for general management, sales management, supply chain management, finance, and personal development.  We are also constantly looking for cooperation with universities to exchange the latest developments and translate these to education programs. The strength of these programs is the interaction between theory and practice of refrigeration engineering.

 Career at GEA Refrigeration Technologies

Within GEA Refrigeration Technologies we are always searching for ambitious people, who can support us in further developing our business. In our philosophy everyone has talents and therefore we have much attention on the development of our employees. They are the backbone of our organization and by developing them; we can develop our business as well. Within our segment of GEA Group AG we have several standardized training and development programs in place, such as:

  • Personal development programs; Individual programs in which the personal
    development of an employee is discussed and described
  • On-the- Job training; training programs during working hours for either an
    individual or group
  • Feedback and coaching; personal feedback processes for employees and
    managers and ability to receive coaching on development issues
  • Mentoring; individual mentoring program for employees, talents or managers
    by an experienced manager
  • Talent management programs - for high potential and more experienced managers
  • GEA Group Academy; a special designed training center for GEA with various
    sorts of training in management, leadership and specialized topics