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Chillers for the industrial refrigeration and air conditioning 

Whether it’s in the food industry, chemical industry, in offices or in shipping, they all need refrigeration. GEA has the optimal cooling and air conditioning solutions for your
requirements. We place particular value on energy efficiency, reliability, cost efficiency and sustainability.

Your advantages with our chillers

  • High EER values (Energy Efficiency Ratio)
  • Optimum TEWI value (Total Equivalent Warming Impact)
  • Low ammonia content




    GEA Grasso BluAstrum

    GEA Grasso FX GC /
    GEA Grasso FX GCduo

    GEA Grasso FX P /
    GEA Grasso FX Pduo

    With the new GEA Grasso BluAstrum range, GEA presents highly efficient chillers with compact dimensions.

    The chillers in this range achieve a highly effective performance, even at partial loads.

    The industrial standard for temperatures ranging from very cold to hot.



    GEA Grasso Ingenium Plus

    GEA Grasso Ingenium Compact Plus

    GEA Grasso DX LR Compact

    The ammonia chiller for smaller cooling capacities of up to 500 kW is available as a turnkey solution. Ammonia chiller with flooded expansion for outdoor installation. Ammonia chiller with dry expansion for outdoor installation.