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Compact Piston Compressors 

Tens of thousands of GEA Bock compressors are in operation all over the world in all kind of applications. Our systems offer numerous solutions for meeting state-of-the-art refrigeration technology requirements: Compressors in a diverse range of models, sizes as well as the latest compressor control technology.


Semi-hermetic compressors

Open type compressors

Vehicle compressors

HG suction gas-cooled
HA air-cooled
Suction gas-cooled semi-hermetic compressor HG and air-cooled compressor HA. Full capacity range of innovative, modern compressor technology with 2/4/6 and 8-cylinders. Suitable for all current refrigerants, as well as CO2. 

For drive with standard motors via V-belt or direct clutch. Flexible motor arrangement allows for practically all drive-related requirements. Suitable for all current refrigerants, also NH3.
For bus air-conditioning and transport refrigeration. Open special compressors in aluminium design with smallest dimensions. State-of-the-art high-speed machines with innovative design details. Unique product range with 2/4 and 6-cylinders.