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GEA Grasso Dryer 

The ammonia dryer is a useful supplement for every ammonia refrigeration plant. It eliminates infiltrated water from the refrigerant circuit, even while the plant is in operation. Water has a huge affinity with ammonia and the combination effects the evaporation temperature and finally the efficiency of the plant.

 GEA Grasso ammonia dryer Even low water quantities can influence
the evaporation temperature by up to 1K,
which results in an increased power
consumption of around 3%.  
In addition to increasing the operating costs, the water causes corrosion, leads to
rapid ageing of the oil and quickens the forming of slurry.
For these reasons the infiltrated water results in higher maintenance costs.
If the refrigerant circuit is dry and clean these drawbacks can be prevented.

Customer benefits:

  • Simple installation in any existing or newly erected application
  • Longer lifetime of each system component
  • Prevents energy wastage
  • Short pay back period
  • Premium quality and simply to operate
  • Built in accordance to CE PED rules