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Electronic Control Systems 

Control systems often remain unnoticed, since their performance cannot be measured in impressive kilowatt ratings or volumetric flow. But it can be expressed in intelligence – which helps to find the optimal operating point, to save energy, to determine machine operating times and capacity utilization, and to thus enable maintenance based on the operating state. Whether for individual units or complete refrigeration systems – we deliver the control systems that assure you maximum benefits. 


GEA Electronic control system GSC

GEA Electronic control system GMM

GEA Omni control panel

GEA Grasso system control (GSC)

GEA Grasso Maintenance Monitor (GMM)

The intuitive touch for refrigeration and gas compression control technology

GEA is synonymous with precision-engineered solutions and the GEA Omni control panel extends its legacy of leadership and innovation. Featuring the industry’s first high-definition, multi-touch screen, Omni delivers the ease of use and technical wow factor that you’ve come to expect from GEA.

Powerful, yet approachable. Cerebral, yet intuitive. Sophisticated, yet simple. Simply – Omni.

The GEA Grasso System Control is an electronic monitoring and control device for reciprocating and screw compressors, packages and chillers. It provides on-line information on all relevant conditions, e.g. pressures, temperatures, hours of operation,  % of capacity, safety control, alarm history file. Automatic start-up, shutdown and capacity control routines are implemented.


The GEA Grasso maintenance monitor is a compact microprocessor physically mounted on the compressor body of the GEA Grasso V series.
It measures the relevant data  to determine the "On time" maintenance intervals on line to achieve flexible maintenance intervals based on actual running conditions. The monitor automatically issues a warning message when the compressor needs to be serviced, what service type is needed and what service time is expected. The service history is available online.

GEA Electronic control system GForce

GEA FES GForce Microprocessor Control

The GEA GForce Control Panel:
Screw compressor control
Rotary/Reciprocating compressor control
Centrifugal compressor control
Compressor sequencing
Condenser fan/pump sequencing
Air unit cooling & defrost control
Vessel & Pump package control
Chiller control
Refrigerant leak detection
kW limiting/load shedding