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Extensive experience in freezing and chilling food processing

The GEA Freezer product range represents innovative solutions in industrial freezing and chilling closely oriented to the stringent requirements of its customers: Cost-efficient, long-life, energy-efficient and customized. GEA Freezers are built upon the extensive knowledge and experience in freezing and chilling technology.

By leveraging advanced technologies to design, engineer, install and maintain top-quality components and systems GEA is the global leader in industrial freezing and chilling.

GEA Freezers fulfils customer needs from initial contact to long after installation. Our widely respected design and manufacturing teams produce a broad range of energy efficient freezing and cooling systems. GEA customizes systems based on extensive experience with a large breadth of products and processes.  

Carton Freezers and

Spiral Freezers and Chillers

Tunnel Freezers and

The industry leader in carton
The most hygienic spiral
freezers on the market today.
State-of-the-art freezing and
chilling tunnel technology.

GEA Q-belt

GEA Q-belt ensures a more reliable stacking system.