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GEA Ice Machines and Ice Systems 

Perfect flake and liquid ice for your application needs.

GEA is the first manufacturer of ice machines in Europe. Designed according to a simple principle, GEA Geneglace ice generators benefit from over 50 years technical experience and a continuous policy of development, for unbeatable quality. With more than 40 products, GEA offers the largest range available on the market. 

Ice Generators

Ice Packs

On-Board Ice Machines

Flake ice generators are at the heart of the proven technology of industrial ice machines. They are to be connected to an existing refrigeration system.
Ice Packs are complete assemblies ready for operation after connection to water and electricity. They offer increased production due to optimisation of the combined ice-generator/ condensing unit. The "on-board machines" are designed to tolerate the rocking and pitching of the vessels and to withstand the particularly corrosive marine environment.




Orbital Silos

Insulated Ice Bins

Ice Compactor

Orbital silos hygienically store flake-ice in ideal conditions.The fully automatic ice discharge system ensures delivery on demand, without the hassle of handling. The first ice produced is the first extracted (FI-FO system). These quality storage bins hold the ice in good conditions and are all fitted with a handy access function. Their elegant design was created for display in retail outlets.
Combined with an ice generator, the compactor transforms the flakes into blocks. 40 to 50 blocks of 25 kg each are pressed every hour automatically. Requiring little space, it enables the operator to either supply ice in flakes or blocks.


Small capacity ice plants

Containerized ice plants

Pneumatic Ice Conveyor

GEA Geneglace combis are simple but yet effective combinations of production and storage modules with easy access to the ice. Medium and large capacity containerized ice plants. Easy to transport and to install on site. Sheltered form the wind and rain. Flake ice can be transported using screw conveyors, gravity feed or pneumatic systems.

Production | Storage of liquid ice


GEA Geneglace liquid ice machine packs for the production of liquid ice. Appropriate for pre-cooling in industrial fishing and acquaculture.