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Screw Compressor Packages 

The high reliability and long life of our GEA screw compressor packages is the result of fifty years’ experience in compressor technology. Everything began with a series of single stage packages. Today we produce various models with more than 50 different package sizes. They are suitable for the operation with natural and all other common refrigerants. Next to our standard models we also produce tailor-made solutions for customer specific needs.


GEA Grasso SP1


GEA Grasso SP2


GEA Grasso SPduo

The single-stage screw packages of the GEA Grasso SP1 cover a capacity range from 130 to 5,700 kW.

The GEA Grasso SP2 series is designed for generating low temperatures and high pressure conditions. It covers a capacity range from 120 to 2,200 kW. The GEA Grasso SPduo series covers a capacity range from 250 to 3,200 kW.

GEA FES GLX series

GEA FES GL series

The new GEA XSeries World Compressor Package. Designed for high stage, booster or single stage operation.