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Compression heat pumps 

The name of our company – GEA Refrigeration Technologies – indicates a focus on the development and manufacture of cooling systems. Our specialists, however, are also well qualified and experienced in work with heat pumps. In fact: heat pumps and refrigeration systems operate on the same physical principles, and key components in both systems include such elements as compressors and heat exchangers.

They are the heart and, literally, the pump of the heat pump: piston and screw compressors by
GEA Refrigeration Technologies. The compressors are especially designed for the great final compression pressure in a heat pump. They offer condensation temperatures that are effective not only for operation of the low-temperature heating system, but also for the supply of process heat.


GEA Grasso FX GC -
heat pump


GEA Grasso FX P -
heat pump

Heat pump with piston compressor for efficient output at partial load.   Heat pump with screw compressor. Designed for great final compression pressure.