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In touch with your market: leisure 

Pleasantly cool – for sports, fun, and games

Snowball fights in the summer and skiing in the desert – GEA Refrigeration Technologies makesall of this possible. GEA systems keep leisure athletes on the go and make it easy for winter-sport pros to train beyond their season. And GEA assures just the right cold in zoos and theme parks – for example, for penguins and polar bears.




Artificial Snow

Ice Stadiums

Indoor Ski

Snowboarding, snowball fights, and sled races – when others come back with a sunburn from open-air vacations. This is not magic – it is simply the artificial snow systems from GEA Refrigeration Technologies that let snow fall even above freezing.

Ice skating has become a trendy sport over the past years. It trains the entire body, promotes good posture, and is equally fun for young and old. Expensive equipment is not even necessary – you
can rent ice skates if you wish. But advanced, reliable, and energy-saving refrigeration technology is indeed required.

In the desert city of Dubai, people now have to put on warm clothes at outdoor temperatures around 40 °C in the shade – at least when they want to spend a few pleasant hours in the indoor ski slope of the city. It’s truly icy cold inside, to ensure absolute winter sports fun.




Zoo | Theme Parks



Polar bears and penguins would never encounter each other in the wild, since the bears live in arctic regions, and penguins are at home in the southern hemisphere.
At best, they come close  together in the zoos of the world. There they share their great delight – for ice made by ice machines of GEA Refrigeration Technologies. 





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