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Markets: In touch with your applications 

Customized solutions: because each sector of industry is different

Whatever is involved – an ice factory in China, freeze-dryers for coffee in Columbia, a beer brewery in India, a slaughterhouse in Russia, or cold storage for fruit in South Africa: refrigeration is needed in all cases. But not just any kind of refrigeration - we are talking about cooling and freezing optimally matched to your process or your product. In close contact with you, our customers, our sales and engineering departments search for the solution to match your needs. These departments not only represent their respective companies, but also the complete refrigeration technology of our Segment. For you, this means that you can expect overall solutions that have been optimally coordinated with each other, and in which the quality of refrigeration-plant technology, control systems, and life-cycle costs are readily evident in the total concept. 




Bus / Rail / Transportation

Food Processing


Air-conditioning technology with compressors in railways, buses or on ships ensure a consistent, pleasant room temperature any time, any place. Safe and reliable refrigeration during transportation is the key to a product's freshness on reaching its destination.

Of course, we all want our vegetables to be full of vitamins and our apples to be tasty and crisp. And one factor is often the key here: refrigeration. Proper cooling inhibits the proliferation of microorganisms, and freezing permanently seals freshness in these foods.

Ice skating in summer or skiing in the desert – made possible only thanks to refrigeration technology. And it enables some people to see and experience snow for the first time in their lives – and to revel in this pleasure.






Oil / Gas / Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals


All the way from fishing ships to juice transport: many perishable goods are transported on the high seas. Our refrigeration technology makes every effort to ensure that they arrive unharmed.


In the processing industries involving chemicals, petrochemicals, and gas, refrigeration has become absolutely necessary. It takes starting materials and products to the required temperatures. Or, it cools after chemical processes have developed heat.

GEA Refrigeration Technologies manages the complexity of its customers’ needs by providing innovative products and solutions to engineering challenges in selected power industries.




Supermarket refrigeration

Storage & Distribution



What do vegetables have in common with bouquets of flowers? Both profit from our refrigeration experience during storage. With vegetables, cooling minimizes vitamin loss. Cooling prevents cut flowers from opening or wilting before reaching retailers.

Whether chilling or freezing products or air-conditioning the salesroom – the energy consumed by conventional refrigeration technology is immense. That said, the latest technology - refrigeration system regulation for example - offers an enormous savings potential by using frequency converter technology.

Our systems in many projects evidence that cooling can be highly valuable in mining, in constructing buildings, and even in tunnel building. Concrete, for example, hardens optimally only if it cures under the appropriate temperatures.