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Cool creations for construction

Our systems in many projects evidence that cooling can be highly valuable in mining, in constructing buildings, and even in tunnel building. Concrete, for example, hardens optimally only if it cures under the appropriate temperatures. And in tunnel construction, freezing the ground prevents ground water from washing the subcourse out under the feet of the construction crew.





Compression heat pumps

Industrial AC's

In case of the hardening of bigger volumes of concrete, cooling is necessary to prevent cracks from occurring in the core of the concrete mass. By means of concrete cooling the heat produced is removed in a controlled way.

The name GEA Refrigeration Technologies of course indicates company affinity to the production of cooling systems. Our engineers, however, are also accomplished specialists with heat pumps.

It is impossible to imagine production facilities, office buildings and housing facilities such as skyscrapers without air treatment or heating ventilation air-conditioning (HVAC).







In the mining industry cooling is crucial. Because in the deeper mine shafts and galleries there are temperatures that make work impossible, these areas should be cooled for the miners’ convenience. This is done with underground air coolers that are fed with cold water that is produced above ground.