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Refrigeration technology for mobile applications 

In touch – reliable climate control and dependable refrigeration systems for bus, railway, and transport applications.

Streams of goods and equipment nowadays flow over all national boundaries to extents not dreamed of earlier. These goods often include highly perishable products such as fish, meat, and fruit – as well as semi-prepared and ready-to-eat meals. To guarantee freshness and quality, the cold chain must not be broken: starting from production, including transport and storage, and extending to sales rooms. GEA Refrigeration Technologies offers refrigeration and cooling solutions on a one-stop basis, with individual tailoring.

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To ensure that passengers experience bus travel as comfortable and non-stress transportation, a touring bus must – in addition to advanced automotive-engineering – fulfill one additional precondition: provide feelgood climate.
This is why prominent bus manufacturers such as MAN, EvoBus, Scania, and Volvo count on climate-control systems with GEA compres-sors. These compressors are also used not only in touring buses, but also in buses for rapid-transit lines in the city.


Whatever the conditions – burning heat or frosty cold – advanced railway climate control must satisfy the most stringent of demands placed for availability and ruggedness.
In the hard everyday operations on high-speed and regional trains, these systems must not show any weakness.

With compressors from GEA Refrigeration Technologies, railway operators are on the safe side. 

As everyone knows, any chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This especially applies to the cold chain in supply of foods and beverages.
For all applications in the area of transport refrigeration, the ideal compressor solution is right at hand from GEA Refrigeration Technologies. For cooling and refrigeration technology that not only reliably functions, but is also extraordinarily economical in operation.