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GEA at the trade fair ISH 2013 

Frankfurt am Main, March 12 to 16, 2013: Hall 11.0, Stand B 91 


Environmentally friendlier climate control

With its GEA Grasso BluAstrum range, GEA Refrigeration Technologies presents ammonia chillers with slender design that fit through standard doors – and that are at the same time highly impressive with their great efficiency under partial load conditions. As a result, they are ideally suited for application under a variety of load conditions, as typically encountered for HVAC requirements. They also represent an environmentally friendly replacement for old, existing systems. These chillers operate with the natural refrigerant ammonia and can be combined with air, liquid, or evaporative coolers. They are available in six model sizes with maximum cooling duties of approx. 550 to 1730 kW (at 6/12 °C for supply and return flow). The new screw compressors from the GEA Grasso MC range contribute to the efficiency of the chillers. These compressors are employed here in a version with infinitely variable Vi and speed control, which enables the GEA Grasso BluAstrum to achieve ESEER values over 8 (according to Eurovent).   
Highly efficient, even at low load levels: BluAstrum, the compact chiller.
New additions to the air treatment offerings of GEA include the further-developed systems in the GAC and GAH series. These air-cooled GAC chillers and GAH heat pumps are now equipped with inverter compressors. Unlike their predecessor series, these new developments – thanks to one or two integrated DC inverter scroll compressors – are highly energy-efficient, precisely in their relevant partial-load ranges of operation. In their output class, they achieve exceptional ESEER values, up to 4.8 – which reduces operating costs, amortization periods, and CO2 emissions. These new compact units are available as chillers and heat pumps, each in seven ratings, from 16 to 75 kW of cooling/heating duty, with or without integrated pumps. As standard models, they can be installed either outdoors or indoors via duct connections.    
Especially in partial-load operation, the new chillers/heat pumps with DC inverter scroll compressors are extraordinarily energy-efficient and achieve an ESEER value of 4.8.

An interesting further development in the field of fan coil units is the GEA Single Cassette-Geko with SWIRL Outlet, from the proven Cassette-Geko range. This development will be available in the second half of 2013. This new model, with optimized heat exchanger, offers even more comfort and can now also be employed in hospitals. The air outlet cover with new SWIRL technology optimizes air distribution in rooms. EC fans reduce power consumption by up to 75 % – which means that these units have earned Class A energy-efficiency labels in accordance with Eurovent classification. An already familiar model with air outlet to four sides profits from this development and is now based on the same equipment platform. Both models satisfy the hygiene requirements of VDI 6022 and can be integrated into building-services management systems. Thanks to the GEA MATRIX control system, they can also be easily networked with GEA HVAC systems.

A nicely rounded matter: the new GEA Single Cassette-Geko with SWIRL Outlet optimizes air distribution in rooms by controlled swirl flow. It will be available in the second half of 2013.