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New online version of the compressor selection software VAP 10 




After presenting the installable Windows version VAP 10 with the entire GEA Bock compressor program for stationary and mobile applications last year, VAP 10 is now also available as an online version.

Similar to the Windows versions, the online versions (standard, CO2 and mobile applications) are combined into two parts: VAP for Stationary Applications and VAP for Mobile Applications.

For a maximum of user-friendliness, the two sub-versions can be chosen right after the installation of the software. 



The versions contain the following compressor models and condensing units:

VAP for Stationary Applications:

  • Semi-hermetic compressors (HG, HA, ATEX, CO2 subcritical/transcritical, HG R134a etc.)
  • Semi-hermetic condensing units (SHG L + RU)
  • Open-type compressors (F)
  • Open compressor units (FDK)

VAP for Mobile Applications:

  • Semi-hermetic compressors (HG12P-5, HG aluminum, HG 2-pole, HG R407C)
  • Vehicle compressors (FK)

In comparison with the previous version, version 10 contains the following changes:

  • Quick selection of a compressor type: Compressor/condensing units can be pre-selected via graphic buttons (in addition to folder structure).
  • Display of discharge end temperature for F+FDK N3 compressors and transcritical CO2-compressors
    (HG(HA) CO2 T).
  • Enlargement of the lower frequency limit for semi-hermetic 2-pole compressors (HG 2 pole).
  • Approval of frequency inverter operation for transcritical CO2-compressors HGX34 CO2 T

The updated online version and the installation version VAP 10 is available at