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GEA at Seafood Processing Europe 



On the occasion of the trade fair Seafood Processing Europe (in Brussels, from April 23 to 25, 2013, Hall 4, Booth 4-5839), GEA Food Solutions and GEA Refrigeration Technologies will present a good number of innovations.


GEA Geneglace Containers for Mobile Ice Generation and Storage

The mobile ice container from GEA Refrigeration Technologies is outstanding for the cooling of fresh fish. It consists of an ice production compartment and an ice storage room. Thanks to its aluminum floor, the storage room enables optimal preservation of the ice stored there. (Photo: GEA)
The ice containers from the GEA Geneglace range of GEA Refrigeration Technologies are designed for the generation and storage of flake ice. They can be set up in areas of application with difficult access such as harbors and bays. They are mobile ice factories with production of from 150 to 26,000 kg of flake ice per day, depending on the model. Thanks to an integrated conveyor system, these ice containers can provide up to 40 kg of flake ice per minute.
Tender filets with GEA AccuJector Injection System

For tender products: the GEA AccuJector Injection System offers the closest-meshed needle pattern presently on the market. It was developed by GEA Food Solutions for low profile products like fish filets. (Photo: GEA)
  An interesting further development in the area of injection is the GEA AccuJector. This injection system was especially developed by GEA Food Solutions for low-profile products and extremely well for delicate fish. It features a needle pattern that is the closest-meshed presently on the market. This system has been designed for fish injection amounts from 5 to 50 % and for minimal needle impression on products with skin. The cuts of fish can be immediately packed after injection, or transported to the next processing step. The GEA AccuJector is operated on a mobile basis and enables an hourly output of 500 up to 5,000 kg.
Flexible and hygienic packaging with the GEA PowerPakXT Thermoformer

As a result of its modular design, the GEA PowerPakXT Thermoformer from GEA Food Solutions can be tailored to customers’ special requirements. (Photo: GEA)
The GEA PowerPakXT Thermoformer is the innovative answer from GEA Food Solutions to present and future packaging requirements of the food-processing industry. This flexible thermoformer guarantees hygienic packaging of fresh and deep-frozen fish. The concept of the machine allows output of up to 100 packages per minute and sets new standards for performance and cost efficiency. The modular design of the CFS PowerPakXT means that the GEA thermoformer can be customized for specific applications – and still remains upgradable for the future requirements of the customer.