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GEA Grasso GmbH becomes GEA Refrigeration Germany GmbH 

Refrigeration competence has a new name 

1/2/2012  GEA Refrigeration Technologies 

Starting in 2012, GEA Grasso GmbH, Berlin, shall do business under the name GEA Refrigeration Germany GmbH. The change in name takes into account the company's broad range of solutions: Berlin is not only the production site of Grasso products, aside from selling Grasso refrigerating compressors and chillers it is also the marketing base for other products of the GEA Refrigeration Technologies segment, for instance freezers. For the customer, nothing else changes besides the name. They can continue to turn to their familiar contact persons as usual. There will be continuity in the general management of GEA Refrigeration Germany as well, since Thies Hachfeld and Dr. Ulrich Görge shall remain responsible for the fate of the company. And incidentally, GEA shall not refrain from using the traditional name of "Grasso": it shall continue to live as product brand in the names of compressor series, equipment assemblies, and chillers.


     New name, tried and proven quality: GEA Refrigeration Germany stands for efficient, technologically mature solutions for comfort and process temperature control, whether based on compressors, chillers, or other components.